Studio Calendar

Please make note of the following important dates and holidays in your personal calendar.


Monday, September 10 - Lessons Begin
Monday, October 8 - Thanksgiving Day (No Lessons)
Saturday, December 8 - Christmas Recital
Thursday, December 20 - Christmas Break Begins (No Lessons)
Monday, January 7 - Lessons Resume
Monday, February 18 - Family Day (No Lessons)
Thursday, March 28 - Easter Break Begins (No Lessons)
Monday, April 8 - Lessons Resume
Monday, May 20 - Victoria Day (No Lessons)
May/June TBA - Spring Recital
Thursday, June 27 - Last Day of Lessons


Please ensure that you are familiar with the studio policies on cancellations and make-up lessons (Studio Policies & Acceptance Form), and understand that you are forfeiting your lesson upon cancellation. In certain cases where a make-up lesson may be considered, it is the student's responsibility to request a make-up lesson in which case the following steps must be taken:
  1. Ensure that your teacher is aware of the lesson you wish to cancel as soon as you know that you will be missing. Make-up lessons are never given for lessons missed without notice.
  2. Refer to the studio calendar below prior to requesting a time for your make-up lesson*. Only spots marked as "Available" will be considered for make-up lessons. Make-up lessons may only be scheduled within the week prior to, or the week following your cancelled lesson. Availability may vary from week to week and cannot be guaranteed. Cancelled lessons are forfeited if not made-up within this given two-week time period.
  3. Submit your request for a make-up lesson. Requests are considered in the order they are received. A request form has been provided below for your convenience, though you are welcome to email your teacher directly with the same information. Please ensure that the information you submit is complete and accurate. Confirmation will be given within 24 hours.
*The studio calendar will only show one week from the current day, and will be updated daily to reflect any confirmed schedule changes. Therefore, you may only check for studio availability and submit your request for a make-up lesson as early as one week before your cancelled lesson.

Please Note: Make-up lessons are only offered if there is studio availability on Monday between 5:00-6:00pm, or Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday between 5:00-7:00pm. Availability may vary from week to week and cannot be guaranteed. Make-up lessons are not offered at any other time. Rescheduling is not permitted for missed or cancelled make-up lessons.